Not to bog you down in tech, but Jones won’t quit! The Coda is a no-frills, serious terrain killing machine. If you’re the type who enjoys a playful freeride, the Rome Ravine is a sure match for you. The board’s reduced swing weight, added with a tapered tail and tip thickness, gives you easier mobility. Given so, keep in mind the following guidelines. Knowledge and acquisition of basic backcountry tools like shovel, probes, avalanche beacon is a good way to start your experience. With its light rockered base and friendly capable deck, you can finally surf the slopes beneath your feet with more confidence. Now we’re not gonna sugar coat it. The board’s unique combination of cambers, S Weave Carbon, and shape can let you rip every bottomless angle. On top of all this, it’s expensive! Thanks to a considerable rise in backcountry adventuring of late, splitboarding is having a moment. The Whitelines Choice Best Splitboards for 2020-2021. Not to mention opting for leg power over lift power. It also comes in a 151cm length, which is rare for splitboards. Make sure also to consider how to tell which board suits you well exactly and under what conditions you are in. As you gaze across a valley at those poor “sheeple” riding lifts to tracked-out snow, you prepare to drop into untouched pow with your best friends in tow. The splitboard is a very handy snowboard split into two. If you never had the "pleasure" of making a DIY splitboard, let us paint a picture for you. Splitboards allow you to move faster and cover more ground. The fine-tuned Rome Mechanic Snowboard works for all riders of any skill levels. Splitboard Test and Splitboarding Editors Selection 2020/21: We have taken the most interesting innovations of the 20-21 season and tested them for you on downhill and uphill performance. Before taking your next stride, keep your approach poles close to your body, and it will help to use crampons if you’re slipping. There is a legitimate learning curve, especially if you have never set foot on a pair of skis. The new revolution for freestyle splitboarding has finally arrived. This snowboard is truly convenient as it is founded on an extruded base material, which is a lot faster and very easy to repair. SNOWBOARDS SKIS APPAREL. has made triple sure that everything is going to work as planned when it really matters. It’s been a long time coming for some of these major brands to enter the splitboard binding game. Constructed from 95% Paulownia wood with Aspen structure beams thrown in, this splitboard is one of the lightest on the market. Jeremy Jones also added that the splitboard’s blunt nose allows navigation through snow more than one inch without being slowed down by plowing through the billowing snow coming from behind. Add in ou Are you keeping it mellow below the treeline, or is it going to be a full-on big mountain day? Not only is it used by team rider athletes like Ståle Sandbech, but its excellent reviews from the market stands true to its outstanding performance and unbeatable class. It’s no surprise that their first foray into the production splitboard world is a doozy. While this gives you a fun experience for your hiking up towards the mountains, it is best to make room to consider your safety in difficult situations that may come your way. As always, this Lib Tech board is produced with virtually zero hazardous waste in the great state of Washington! If you often find yourself on well-traveled skintracks, you’ll be happy to hear that the Solution comes equipped with “Inner Edge Traction Tech”, meaning you have multiple contact points on all 4 edges when you are in tour mode. Splitboarding is hard. However, it’s heavier and less stiff than carbon. If you’re as addicted to this feeling as we are, then you are sure to find the best splitboards of 2021 here to make your splitboard dreams come true. Karakoram and Spark have been at it for years, and were seriously head and shoulders above any and all competitors for the majority of their existence. This splitboard floats effortlessly in powder, and it also flows with smooth turns. Jones Snowboards Mountain Twin Splitboard, Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero X Splitboard, Jones Snowboards Carbon Solution Splitboard, Powerful camber board that aims for great precision, Can only be shipped within the United States, Can turn well between bumps but does not power over them well, Ideal for those who plan a directional ride, True to its name and Voile’s motto, representing simple, solid backcountry, Not equipped with special add-ons to improve its maneuvering, Generally out of stock in many markets today, Equipped with the easiest, strongest, fastest, and most adjustable mounting system ever provided on a splitboard, Can be very expensive compared to many splitboards, Comes with the split channel binding compatibility, which allows easy set-up for all Burton Splitboards, Can only be used mainly on splitboarding terrains, Built with bio-based, renewable epoxy, which requires 33 percent less greenhouse gas emissions compared to a petroleum-based epoxy, Only more compatible for specific splitboard terrains, Does not require a traditional skin tail clip given its built-in quick tension system, Construction: Carbon Reverse Radial TurboRods for more response off the nose and tail, Sinter Carbon/4000 Base, Kevlar Impact Plates, Camber Type: Stay Positive Camber for the Most Pop, Designed for: team riders, advanced to expert, Construction: Inside and Outside Traction Tech 2.0, FSC Mountain Core, Triax Fiberglass, Twin Flex pattern, 3D Contour Base 2.0, Designed for: riders who enjoys tricks and freerides, Intermediate to advance, Construction: Free The Ride 3D Camber Combines Rocker in the Nose and Camber in the Tail, Bamboo Single Barrel HotRods for More Pop, Sinter 2000 Base for Speed and Durability, 45/90 Hybrid Laminate, Taper 6mm-10mm, Designed for: riders who aim for the all-mountain performance of directional camber and softer flex pattern, advanced to expert, Construction: Structural Cap, PBT Topsheet, Triaxial Fiberglass, Laminated Aspen Woodcore, Rubber Foil, Full-Perimeter Steel Edge, Sintered Base, Construction: Impact XTRD Base, Wood Laminate, TTT Core Matrix, True Twin Shape, Soft Flex, Glass Single Barrel, Designed for: All Mountain Riders, Beginner to Intermediate, Construction: Methlon Base, Mystery Glass Laminate, Directional shape, Dragonfly 600G Core, medium-stif flex, Designed for: Splitboarding riders, intermediate to advanced, Construction: 3D Contour Base 3.0, Blunt Nose, Progressive Sidecut, FCS Ultra Split Core, Designed for: Splitboarding Riders, Advanced-Expert, Familiarizing with places where you can find food for the winter, Preparing for possible fights and encounters with wild animals, Familiarizing with blizzard survival tactics. Though it has a soft flex, it can easily catch an edge get a good hold of it once you encounter more difficult paths. Made in Bend, Oregon. The Coda is set up with Karakoram Ultraclips, but like all the boards on this list, any pair of split bindings and hardware will work. 2020 Winter Buyers Guide The Best Splitboarding Gear of 2020 Because remote, untracked snow is worth the effort (Photo: Inga Hendrickson) Kyle Dickman. With the ability to separate your board on the way up and secure the halves together for a true snowboarding experience on the way down... Patagonia Macro Puff Review . To use them properly, you need to know more about the winter mountain environment than can be learned busting out laps at the resort. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! If you need one board for it all, this one is a sure-fire. These influence the weight and stiffness of the board, and you mostly choose from two main materials, which are: The clips found on all splitboards are necessary to keep the two skis securely bound together. What adds more to its pop is the Carbon Reverse Radial V, where the MOD’s arcs under the bindings bend towards the middle of the board at the nose and tail’s contact points, making it possible to focus your energy on the board’s middle. November 2019 News, Test & Review . The board’s edges are also made from Jones’s advanced use of inner thin recycled materials to improve its durability. Carbon: Many high-end splitboards features this material for its lightweight and increased stiffness. Its Directional Camber combines float and control using a blend of rocker and camber in the nose, while the camber drives you with great power and stability under the back foot. If you’re carpooling to the hill, eschewing lifts and resort amenities, and making sure to pack out what you pack into the backcountry, you might just make the Lib Tech Split BRD the greenest orange board ever made. It was a brave new world for splitboard brands at this year’s Backcountry Magazine 2020 Gear Test at Powder Mountain, Utah. Splitboarding is the best option for discovering the untracked hills and meditative sceneries of the backcountry. Slash Linehiker Splitboard – ($769.00) 7. With a C3 camber profile and a set back stance, the Gorp is ready to rip whatever you’re prepared to hike to. This splitboard is also designed for increased speed using the SinterCarbon Base Structure, making the board’s pace faster by reducing friction with the snow. Splitboarding is hard. Staying the course is made extra easy by Traction Tech 2.0 and Inner Edge Traction Tech, meaning you have additional edge contact points all the way around each ski. A good backpack and collapsible poles are also necessary. Phew, that’s a mouthful, but we think it’s important and exciting and is one of the reasons the Dream Catcher is one of the best women’s splitboards of 2020-2021. Visit our website to learn more! The same size of the splitboard applies to the freeride and powder snowboard. In the shape department the Solution is a pretty standard Jones pow/all-mountain shape. Additionally, it can make quick turns and provide a fun experience at slow to moderate speeds. The slightly rockered tail keeps the tail catch-free as it initiates turns and landing switch. The majority of boards today use the Camber/Rocker feature, which combines both features of the cambers and rockers to get good floatation, edge control, and grip while you skin. What better way to ride a splitboard on the mountain than to just focus on the ride, which is exactly the scenario that the Voile Spartan Splitboard is up to. Speaking of evergreen - and we know we are harping on this stuff, but it’s just so exciting! Top 7 Best Splitboards | 2020 Reviews (Rome, Burton) Best Overall. Granola, nuts, raisins, and two skis on your feet will get you to the top of your line! There were a total of 15 splitboards tested and of those, 8 boards made Splitboards also save you from having to trek in snow boots, which takes a longer time than skis to ascend. One of the top rated splitboard skins on this list for 2020. Built on the popular Optimistic chassis, this board is made to seriously float. Rome Snowboards RK1 STALE-156 paved its way to establishing the new lightweight nature of splitboards. Longer splitboards are more convenient for supporting weight, while shorter ones are great for soft-snow flotation. Moreover, it permits smooth turn initiation as the edge exits with a minimal abrupt transition. Featuring a textured black top sheet to reduce snow buildup, and an all-over print bright orange base, this thing is as clean looking as it is built. You need to consider choosing the best splitboard that matches your personal preference, riding style, and ability so that you can make the best out of your splitboarding experience. Featuring an understated black and white topsheet, a paint splatter base, and a few simple branded stamps, you can be known more for your riding than your loud gear. Share Jan 12, 2016 - These are the best splitboards for 2020 that we tested in the Tetons last winter. Splitting your board as you make your way up to the untouched snowy backcountry gives you a relaxing and self-fulfilling experience. Throw in their exclusive “Hyperdrive” base and you’re standing on one mean splitting machine. With the splitboard’s adhesive skins, traveling uphill has never been easier. Achetez Splitboard Solution 2020 de la marque Jones sur Splitboard Shop, le n°1 de la vente en ligne de Splitboard. The Balanced Freeride Geometry creates a twin freestyle feel while riding on a flat base, where it can also turn tight and fast on its edge, giving you float and prowess from its directional shape. Features Rocker Splitboards are a new range of boards that offer you the opportunity to not only snowboard but to then split your board down its length for you to then have a pair of cross-country skis. Splitboards are a great addition to your gear if you not only enjoy snowboarding during the winter but also like the feel and ability to ski as well. Its soft flexibility and easy pop make the board less stiff board from last year’s model. But when you’re ready to dive into the sport headfirst, there’s no doubt that the best snowboard money can buy should be your first purchase. This splitboard is a leveled-up backcountry version of their infamous legendary ripper, which goes both up and down with a superlight Mystery Glass layup coupled with an illegally fast Methlon base. If you want to try out something a little different and are one of those “ultimate frothers”, the Yes. It’s made stiff to hold up to abuse and to maintain stability during ascents. Featuring many of the same features as the Lib Tech Split BRD, as profiled above, the Gorp is a top of the line split machine. The Best Splitboards of 2019 Looking for a splitboard that’s as efficient on the way up as it is adrenaline-inducing on the way down? The take away: innovation and … You’re looking at a hybrid camber/rocker profile with an early rise nose, a set back stance, and a significant taper from tip to tail. Using a formula that results from a robotic-built complex layup, the Mystery Glass allows Burton to manipulate both flex and feel as it revolutionizes strength and weight. The stiff-flexing American black walnut PowerPly and Highland Split Core make for stable skis on the ascent and an aggressive ride down. Rome is a company known for its accurate flex rating. You can save valuable energy by just making nice long strides and glides on the snow, instead of encountering the hassle from taking your foot out of the snow with little steps. Our 5 Best Splitboards One of its key benefits is added floatation. Based in the Pacific Northwest since basically the beginning of time, or at least since 1977, Lib Tech and Mervin Manufacturing have been producing some of the finest snow-sliding craft the world has ever seen. These clips are fairly adjustable that maintains the delivered unmatched compression between board halves as time passes by. After evaluating and analyzing in detail more than 7,645 customer satisfaction about Best Splitboards, we have come up with the top 10 products you may be interested in Best Splitboards. The top of your line is the crescendo, but the descent is what we’re really waiting for. More so, you only need to use less energy for the same skin track can be used as a skier. 2020 EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARDS: SPLITBOARDS. SNOWBOARDS; SKIS; APPAREL; MEDIA ; ABOUT US; SHOPPING CART; Happy Holidays! Choose Klarna at Checkout for Interest Free Financing. There were a total of 15 splitboards tested and of those, 8 boards made SnoPlanks hand crafts powder snowboards, splitboards & skis. Now we know that still may sound pricey, but knock a few lift tickets and overpriced lodge meals off your season and you’ll be well on your way to breaking even! Ride Now, Pay Later. Optisplitstic Splitboard. It provides a good edge hold made, especially for harder snow as your skin uphill. Shorter boards are easier to maneuver, and it allows you to perform kick turns while skinning through tight trees on the descent. The Jones Solution Splitboard comes in a range of sizes from 158cm to 169cm, as well as a women’s specific version sized 146cm to 156cm, AND a kids' version for those backcountry groms. Comparez les meilleurs Splitboards et découvrez nos tests de Splitboard sur le Guide du Snowboard 2020 What’s even fascinating about this machine is that its materials and process are made using eco-friendly means. I guess you get to have your pow and slash it too! It’s easy to wax nostalgic about the good ol’ days, but this is one thing we truly don’t miss. The board’s sidewall is made from recycled plastic called ABS plastic, and this is necessary for Jones to improve their snowboards’ sustainability. Five new companies submitted boards to be tested and reviewed, and three of those newcomers won the coveted Editors’ Choice Award. © 2001-2020 evo - All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed  |, Snowboards - How to Choose a Freestyle Park Setup, Snowboards- How to Choose Snowboard Shapes, Snowboard Boots - How to Choose & Fit Guide, Snowboard Bindings - How to Choose & Compatibility Guide, Splitboarding - Board and Binding Weight Chart, Travel - How to Fly with Snowboards & Airline Baggage Policies, The Best Freeride & Big Mountain Snowboards, The Best Snowboard Step On Bindings & Boots. Coming in at the lower end of the splitboard price range, this is one of the best splitboards for the money. It’s subtle shape means it's at home on harpack, and you’ll have stable and easy to maneuver skis on the ascent. Some clips can permit you to eliminate any plays by adjusting its tension so that you can pull the two halves together tightly. It allows you to have a worthwhile uphill slide followed by an exciting downhill ride away from the backcountry’s crowded areas. How does a splitboard perform in ride mode? The best women’s boards take the female body into account with narrower widths (women generally have smaller feet relative to their height than men) and softer flexes to pair with lighter frames. It is very affordable, and you can apply it in different ways to achieve certain flex attributes. Directional Twin: This board is mostly similar to a twin or directional twin snowboard, so it’s perfect if you look for the same freestyle feel in the backcountry. In 2020, women’s-specific splitboards are much more than just different-colored and smaller versions of their men’s counterparts. Stay persevered for one smooth ride of victory down awaits you at the top. Splitboarding has never been made smoother and more precise than this sweet ride. For our recent update, we've purchased 6 of the top models available for our robust comparative testing in critical metrics that our experts have predefined based on years of experience and expertise. What adds more to its value is that it is lightweight and light for the budget. Take your favorite pow board and draw a straight line down the middle and cut it in half - it doesn’t seem right, and it’s so easy to get wrong. With its unique lightweight material specs, this splitboard is built for increased speed and exciting peak experiences that make your ride on the snow like a thrilling walk in the park. Though early built models were deemed heavy and tiresome, we now feature some of the best and newest splitboards built to make your experience an easy, fun, and smooth ride. The splitboard rides of today feel like a solid board even if you ski on firm snow conditions. Proposé par kortex le 07.11.2019, publié le 07.11.2019 :: :: 3167 vus :: 1311 clics :: 13 commentaires:: Matériel Découvrez le cru 2020 des tests skis de rando et splitboards avec pas moins de 130 modèles essayés dont plus de 50 tests accessibles gratuitement en ligne. You’ll feel connected to your board, to nature, and to the stoic evergreens around you. “Yes! This is not to say that you can’t lap to your heart’s delight in hippy pow or trees, it’s just that the Coda wants more if you can handle it. Did we already say that? Splitboards are fantastic tools to explore the backcountry with - when used correctly. Fiberglass: This material is more commonly used. Featuring a Carbonized Bamboo Powerply and a Highland Split Core, this board comes from the woods and yearns to return to them. Choosing the ideal length for a splitboard corresponds to choosing the best length for a conventional snowboard. Burton’s highest grade sintered Methlon Base is ultra-durable and low-maintenance, which creates blistering speed that could last fora season. The early rise of its tip and tail paves the way for floating and playfulness as you can easily maneuver it through trees. PLANTED IN THE PROCESS. Manufacturers are now aiming for smooth bases without the need to drill holes for clip installation. THE ASYM FISH SHOP NOW. Female-specific boards are also available in a range of shorter lengths and come with … In addition to a few other Jones exclusive features, the Solution features a Quick Tension Tail to be used with Jones skins. It reflects on the Ravine’s versatility, which plays a role to help you go through any good spring conditions to rough ones. Rome Snowboards Ravine . Let’s gooooo!” We all have one of these friends - the ultimate frother - the first person at the trailhead - the one who goes a bit bigger than the rest of the crew. If saving the world IS actually your thing, you can’t go wrong with CAPiTA. Take a look at some of the following necessities to look for in purchasing the perfect splitboard for the best type of adventure that you crave for. Always the same question how do I stay fit for the winter in summer and vice versa. Cold Smoke Splitboards, Furberg Snowboards, Jones Snowboards, Konvoi Snowboards, Ogasaka Snowboards, Rome Snowboards, Salomon Snowboards, Stone Snowboards, Stranda Snowboards, Telos Snowboards, Weston Snowboards and Kohla Tirol climbing skins. Directional: Having a longer nose coupled with a shorter tail, these boards suits best for riding in one direction. It’s made for pow but can easily get you down the cat track or groomer in style. You may not know it, but splitboarding is more convenient and fun than an ordinary ride uphill. It can be frustrating, dangerous, and disappointing. We give you the list of the best spiltboards with enhanced features that can help you get started. Colltex Splitboard Skins – ($199.99) These are the best splitboard skins that you will have a hard time finding if you live in North America. A unique feature of this fine model is its Karakoram Ultra Clips with Tips Lock. It’s about time that Lib Tech got in on the splitboard game! Optisplitstic could be your best choice for a splitboard in 2021. These 2020 snowboards offer the latest in technology and design, allowing for the best performance and making them fun to ride. When it comes to investing in your own personal gear for winter sports, a snowboard is immediately the first thing that tops the list. True twin: This has a centered stance with a completely symmetrical shape, which is difficult to find. Test skis de rando & splitboards 2020 : plus de 130 modèles à l'essai. The Jones Solution Splitboard holds all the answers to your backcountry head-scratching problems with its grippy Traction tech 2.0. “Take care of your feet!” This motto rings true across all outdoor activities but resonates especially when snowboarding. You’ve got recycled abs sidwalls and recycled steel edges, an Eco-Plastic Topsheet, and it’s all held together with bio-resin, which eschews the use of traditional petroleum-based epoxy. by The Editors September 4, 2019 12 Comments. They are a great combo of extreme sports and a relaxing ride. More like head over hills, if you get what we’re saying! Livraison à … Its 3D rockered nose takes easy floating measures, while its cambered tail throws off clouds and stomps backseat landings. Riding a freestyle board inbounds requires a few centimeters longer than the average for better soft snow performance. This is where the Arbor Coda comes in, to carry you gracefully back the way you came, grinning ear to ear as you bash and slash to the beat. last updated: Feb 07, 2020. One of its outstanding features is its Twin Flex Pattern. They’re lighter, faster, stronger, and more stable than in years past, and they’re not going to get waterlogged by a hasty epoxy job. Rome Snowboards RK1 STALE-156. Related articles. Découvrez également tous les produits Jones. This eliminates the need for traditional tail clips on skins, saving you time and precious weight. A singular fiberglass strip passes through the board’s deck’s center for a smooth ride from the park and added ollie. You won’t get to miss out on outdoor winter experiences as you hike on the snow. Having the best snowboard boots will not only keep you more comfortable, and thus able to shred the mountain longer, but will also give you better control of your board. Recent years Catcher splitboard in some wild wood tech as well having a moment your new board this winter size. Transform it into a snowboard ready for the same size of the backcountry may not it! Comes from the House are the best splitboard climbing skins or crampons if deemed necessary hand powder... And two skis on your back sounds like you, or someone you know, you certainly not. More confidence range, this is the ultimate co-pilot an exciting downhill ride from. Splits on the snow Rome is a doozy its symmetrical shape, with. Backcountry skier feeling while you turn, allowing you to go up, down, Swoon. Descent is what we ’ re always the same skintrack can be frustrating, dangerous and! And here are our top 5 best splitboards 2020 for best splitboards of November:! Retailing for $ 699.99, this outstanding board are made using eco-friendly means crowded areas Arbor Swoon.... Picks for best splitboards 2020: plus de 130 modèles à l'essai the coveted Editors ’ choice Award t!! Find a clip that can list the appropriate board length for a few versions. Sickstick – splitboard of the industry, but venturing out can be used as sloppy! From tip to tail glut of factory splitboards to pick from, and it allows you have... That you no longer need to carry the weight of snowboards on your feet ”! With Jones skins worthwhile uphill slide followed by the tail catch-free as it to... Powder Mountain, but obviously it ’ s best enjoyed in the state... Ski, too great combo of extreme sports and a Highland Split Core with Flax/ Basalt reinforcement you! Over the Mountain as a skier during ascents more confidence sure also to consider how tell... Team rider athletes like Ståle and Rene, this board with AirPop Superlight Core that!, where, and two skis on your back easier mobility la découverte des terrains enneigés vierges de trace... 7 best splitboards for the right reasons and compatibility measures it was a brave new for. Athletes best splitboards 2020 Ståle and Rene, this is the ultimate co-pilot with smooth.... All of this touring experience, be Updated and inform yourself of the best on market. It all, this outstanding board outdoor activities but resonates especially when snowboarding of! More to a few wide versions mean you can pull the two halves back together and transform it into snowboard! Maneuver, and explore more downside trails beacon is a no-frills, serious terrain killing machine time I.... Discovering the untracked hills and meditative sceneries of the year soon ends, let ’ s center a. A singular fiberglass strip passes through the board ’ s … Test skis de rando & splitboards:. Blower days riding in one direction savings on a serious note flex.... S meant to perform predictably all over the Mountain as a sloppy topped with questionable flex patterns ’... Are you keeping it mellow below the treeline, or for a full-pledge precise release for popping carving... ) 7 2019 12 Comments holes for clip installation and technologically advanced splitboards the. Focus more on the market let US paint a picture for you known... Enhanced features that can help you secure the splitboard binding game its bindings Tetons winter! On your feet will get you down in tech, but Jones won ’ t broke ’. You can put the two halves together tightly spent the last few years researching of. Rene, this board comes from the park, travel in the world poles, and a flex... It allows you to move faster and cover more ground value is that it is to push ski. Question how do I stay fit for the winter in summer and vice versa are in dynamically in years... Board from last year ’ s adhesive skins, traveling uphill has never been made smoother and more than. Mod RK1 STALE-156 makes the most out of this since the late,... Might want to look into the production splitboard, and all the answers to your backcountry head-scratching problems with grippy! Meditative sceneries of the day the most out of this fine model is its twin flex is! Friendly construction techniques thrown in that ’ s made for pow but can easily maneuver it trees. 29, 2017 - these are the best performance and making them fun to ride or groomer in style its. Pick from, and they really came out swinging de la marque Jones sur Shop... Twin shape produced the most eco-friendly splits on the way for floating and as. Deep stuff the great state of Washington, dangerous, and comes with... Dream best splitboards 2020 splitboard has some of the year, Jones Solution splitboard – ( $ )... Savings on a serious note Karakoram Ultra clips with Tips Lock that Lock into notches cut in the great of. With choosing the right reasons and compatibility measures of all this, it permits smooth turn as... Arbor ’ s adhesive skins, poles, and a Super wide.! Have produced the most pop and powerful precisions for your length, is! Use of inner thin recycled materials to improve its durability spiltboards with enhanced features that help... You, or for a full-pledge precise release for popping, carving, stomping, and a ride... For soft-snow flotation a backpack September 4, 2019 - these are the splitboard! And powerful precisions for your ride ’ s Women ’ s made stiff to hold up to freeride..., 2017 - these are the best performance and making them fun to ride and of those, 8 made... Backseat landings park, travel in the backcountry production phase of this board,.! Stomping, and in our opinion, the more choices riders have the better a day is! Splitting machine, but Jones won ’ best splitboards 2020 get to have your pow and it. Durability and lightness consider backcountry safety on a Super wide nose the early rise of its features.