The little scripting utility isn’t just for changing how a key is executed or what it does. I … Thanks , Rohini I have already used the below css to hide the arrow which are visible on focus of input widget. I have hit numlock, i have hit scroll lock, I have tried 2 brand new keyboards and I have restarted my computer about 5 times... nothing is fixing it! About Up-Down Controls. Customize input type date. If you take a look at your keyboard, you’ll find that the light for the scroll lock button is turned on. It can also be used just as easily to disable a key. When it comes to changing how a keyboard key works on Windows 10, the go-to app for the job is AutoHotKey. Disable key on keyboard. 567. Asunto: Re: Input Table: Disable arrow key behaviour on a numeric inputs A new response has been received: [JOTFORM] Answered by david I believe the same applies to the input table. 0. 0. I’ve attached the updated script. In order to enable a previously disabled key you will have to choose the key row on the grid and press the “Remove” button on the right.Afterward, press the “OK” button on the main screen. We should use event.key instead. If you switch to "Text Box" or "Currency Box" as the input type instead of "Number Text Box", it will no longer accept up/down key inputs. But when I hit the up or right arrow key it moves to a different cell like it is supposed to. An up-down control is a pair of arrow buttons that the user can click to increment or decrement a value, such as a scroll position or a number displayed in a companion control (called a buddy window). Here’s how you can disable a key on the keyboard on Windows 10. To detect arrow keys, please use onkeydown (see ). How to Install Custom Themes and Visual Styles in Windows 10 And the java script code I have added in fiddle it is not working on page of java-script property in outsystems. 4) Select “Always” option and click on the OK button.After that click on the OK button on the main screen and you are done!. Approach 1: Add an event listener onkeydown on the window. So if I press "s' it will input "ss" into the cell, and then when I press enter it will auto-move to the next cell down, but nothing ends up getting saved into the previous cell. Since the up & down arrow are the only arrow keys that have an effect on movement, I simply added an if statement to verify that the request wasn’t coming from either of those keys. Disable Scroll Lock. If arrow key is pressed then prevent its default behaviour. Since yesterday, when I press the down arrow, the page jumps to the bottom (like pressing PageDown would do) and the up arrow jumps all the way back up. Then, open up PlayerModule -> ControlModule -> Keyboard. Given an HTML element containing the